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Stinson's Golden Age - Vol 1 & Vol 2
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Bellanca&s Golden Age

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By: Alan Abel and Drina Welch Abel

Bellanca's Golden Age is included in The Golden Age of Aviation Series.

Bellanca's Golden Age book examines the colorful history of Giuseppe Mario Bellanca, better known as G.M. Bellanca, and his company's aircraft. This book's rich narrative and numerous period photographs reveal the reasons why the young Sicilian moved to the U.S. in 1910, and includes Bellanca innovations such as Columbia, which flew non-stop from New York to Germany just two weeks after Lindbergh's flight; Miss Veedol, the aircraft that made the first non-stop transpacific flight; the Cruisemaster; Bellanca racers and others.

This is the only book that captures the complete Bellanca story. Details of the first 10 flights over the Atlantic and the first one over the Pacific are provided. Includes never-before-told stories of Charles Lindbergh, Clarence Chamberlin and several other Golden Age personalities.

Bellanca&s  Golden Age

Tells the complete story of the greatest airplane of the 1920s--Bellanca's Columbia, the plane Lindbergh wanted for his famous flight, but did not get. Lindbergh thought an agreement for purchase had been reached, but Lindbergh left angry and immediately put into place plans for the Spirit of St. Louis.

In the 1930s the government tested 209 airplanes and found that Bellanca's was the best regarding "efficiency."

Book details Bellanca airplanes including Bellanca CD, CE, CF, Wright-Bellanca 1, WB-2, Columbia, Bellanca J, TES Tandem, Pacemaker, Special J-300, Model K, Airbus/Aircruiser, C-27A, Miss Veedol, The White Falcon, Senior Skyrocker, The Flash, XSE-1, XSE-2, Bellanca Racer, Cruisair Junior, YO-50 (liaison) AT-21-BL Trainer, Cruisair Senior, and Cruisemaster.

The Golden Age of Aviation Series highlights a number of aircraft manufacturers during the 1900s, 1910s, 1920s, 1930s & 1940s. The series presents an historical look at Aviation’s Golden Years through detailed text, numerous photos, internationally acclaimed 3-view airplane scale drawings, archival materials and original magazine ads of the era.

BOOK REVIEWS for The Golden Age of Aviation Series:

Smithsonian's Air & Space: "Archival photos and technical drawings abound."

American Aviation Historical Society: "...details the people, facilities and manufacturing operations."

EAA's Sport Aviation: "...progressively tells the events and details of these aircraft."

Skyways: "a jewel…. extraordinary…. marvelous…. 3-views augment excellent photos and text.”

General Aviation News: "...books ARE A MUST FOR AVIATION BUFFS."

Historic Aviation: “….with rich narrative and colorful histories.”

Bellanca’s Golden Age
Book Contents

Chapter                                                                         Page

1          Bellanca’s Youth                                                                      1
2          Coming to America                                                                   2
3          Maryland Pressed Steel Company                                            4
4          The 1919 Model CE 55-hp Biplane                                          7
5          The Roos-Bellanca Airplane Company & the Model CF           10
6          A Taste of Independence                                                          14
7          The Wright Aeronautical Corporation                            15
8          The Wright-Bellanca Number 1 (WB-1)                                   16
9          The Wright Apache                                                                  18
10        The WB-2                                                                                20
11        The Columbia & The Endurance Record                                   22
12        Charles Lindbergh, the Columbia & Paris                                  24
13        Air Transportation Over Great Distances                                   28
14        Chamberlin & Levine Make Record Flight                                35
15        The Man of the Hour, The Toast of the Town                38
16        A Parting of the Ways                                                               40
17        The Bellanca J                                                                          42
18        The Bellanca Tandem Experimental Sesquiplane                        44
19        The Bellanca Pacemaker                                                           47
20        The Bellanca Special J-300                                                       55                               
21        5,000 Miles in a Flying Gas Tank                                              57
22        The Bellanca Model K                                                  61
23        The Flying W                                                                            64
24        More Record-Setting Flights                                                     70
25        More 1930s Bellanca – Another Grand Decade                        76                   
26        The Bellanca Senior Skyrocket                                     79
27        The Bellanca Flash                                                                    81
28        The Bellanca XSE-1 & XSE-2                                     85
29        Bellanca Builds a Racer                                                            86
30        Bellanca’s First Venture into Lightplanes                                   87
31        The Bellanca YO-50                                                                89
32        World War II Effort                                                                  91
33        Postwar Bellanca                                                                      96
34        Bellanca’s Crowning Achievement, The Cruisair Senior 103
35        The Bellanca Cruisemaster                                                        107
36        After 42 Years … The End of the Bellanca Era             111
37        Into the New Era, The Business Closes                         113
38        G.M. Bellanca’s Death                                                 115
39        Like Father, Like Son – August Bellanca                                   118
40        The Other Bellanca, 1956 to Present                                         121

Bellanca's Golden Age book includes 148 pgs, SB, 8.5 x 11, 175+ photos, 3-view outlines.

Bellanca&s Golden Age

ISBN Number: 1-891118-46-3

Item Number: 82

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