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Stinson's Golden Age - Vol 1 & Vol 2
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The Complete Guide to Cessna Aircraft

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Price: $24.00

By: Tom Murphy

Ready to buy a new or pre-owned Cessna? This is an updated second edition and includes (1) original in-depth info about older Cessna models (2) updated info on Cessnas being offered today and (3) buying advice on AD's, inspection of aircraft and its logbooks and how to choose the right model for your needs.

The Complete Guide to Cessna Aircraft includes detailed info on all of the following Cessna airplanes:

The Complete Guide to Cessna Aircraft

Cessna A-37, AGcarryall, AGtruck, AGwagon, AT-17, C-17, C-120, C-140, C-150, C-152, C-170, C-172, C-175, C-177, C-180, C-182, C-185, C-190, C-195, C-205, C-206, C-208, C-210, C-310, C-401, C-402, C-404, C-411, C-414, C-421, C-425, C-441, DC-6, L-19, Model AW, 0-1, 0-2A, T-37, CJ2, Encore, Excel, Sovereign - plus many models of turbocharged and retractable Cessnas.

The Complete Guide to Cessna Aircraft

Book Contents

Chapter Page
Introduction 4
Investment Rating 14
1 Cessna – The Early Birds 1911-1945 15
2 Cessna - The Taildraggers 25
3 Cessna – The Ubiquitous 46
4 Cessna – The Big Singles 73
5 Cessna – The Light Twins 103
6 Cessna – The Big Twins 117
7 Cessna – The Warbirds 126
8 Cessna – The Dusters 139
9 Cessna – The Jets 147
10 Cessna – The New Singles 158
11 Cessna – The Caravans 164
12 Cessna – The New Jets  166

Updated, 2nd Edition, 184 pages, 7.25

The Complete Guide to Cessna Aircraft

ISBN Number: 0-9717137-0-7

Item Number: 1014

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