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Stinson's Golden Age - Vol 1 & Vol 2
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Amelia Earhart: Case Closed?

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Price: $19.95

By: Walter Roessler & Leo Gomez

Amelia Earhart: Case Closed?

Book explores the woman, the technology, the circumstances, and the intrigue.

Jam-packed with facts that will inform and inspire you, you'll feel the authors' enthusiasm and love for aviation, and appreciate their attention to detail.

Amelia Earhart: Case Closed?

Discover the Answers to These Gripping Questions: Why did she disappear? Was she on a secret spy mission? Was she captured by the Japanese? Has a piece of her airplane or a shoe been found? How accurate was her navigation? Was the flight sabatoged? Was she proficient with her radios? Was she a skilled-enough pilot? What really happened?

The authors, both pilots, mechanics, and aviation experts in their own right, present the true and most accurate story.

Breaking new factual and logical ground, a fascinating portrait of Amelia emerges, stripped of media hype, providing a reality known by few.

A work of extensive, well documented research, superlative synthesis, and inescapable conclusion, Amelia Earhart--Case Closed? reveals the truth about this courageous woman and her attempt to circle the globe. You'll gain a deeper understanding of and appreciation for who this courageous woman was and what she did.

Amelia Earhart: Case Closed?: 199 pgs, softbound, 7 x 10, b&w photos/drawings.

Amelia Earhart: Case Closed?

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Item Number: 46

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