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The Taylorcraft Story

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By: Chet Peek

This book is the story of C.G. Taylor, Taylor/Piper business, Taylor/Piper split, and the Taylorcraft airplanes.

The story opens with the December 1935 separation when William T. Piper forced C.G. Taylor out of the company that bore his name, the Taylor Aircraft Company, manufacturer of the Taylor Cub.

The Taylorcraft Story

The name was changed to Piper Aircraft Corporation when Piper moved his reorganized business to Lock Haven, Pennsylvania in 1937. In 1936, C. G. Taylor left the “Cub” company he had founded, and designed an entirely new plane, the Taylorcraft.

The Taylorcraft Story is a complete historical overview detailing the design and production of the over 13,000 Taylorcraft airplanes, including the British Auster models. Book includes a wealth of information from primary sources, portraying the technical, marketing and financial aspects of the enterprise. The Ferris rebirth of the F-19 is described, as well as later, mostly unsuccessful, revival efforts.

Foreword to the book was written by C. G. Taylor’s son, Bob Taylor.

The Taylorcraft Story traces C.G. Taylor's design and manufacture of various Taylorcraft airplane models. Taylorcraft production facilities are detailed with numerous factory photos.

Book is a detailed history of 65-years of Taylor including production of 13,000 Taylorcaft airplanes.

Includes specifications, performance data, factory photos, profiles & more!

236 pgs,HB, 8.5 x 11, 423 photos. This is a HARDBACK copy with no dust jacket. It is NOT the yellow paperback version of the book. Very rare!

The Taylorcraft Story

ISBN Number: 188619601X

Item Number: 402

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