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Stinson's Golden Age - Vol 1 & Vol 2
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Lincoln Beachey, The Man Who Owned the Sky

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By: Frank Marrero

Lincoln Beachey was a San Francisco boy who grew up to become “the greatest aviator of all time.” Lincoln Beachey was a true pioneer American aviator and barnstormer. He became famous and wealthy from flying exhibitions, staging aerial stunts, helping invent aerobatics, and setting aviation records.
Lincoln Beachey, The Man Who Owned the Sky

In this Lincoln Beachey book you will learn that in the early years of aviation he mastered aerobatic feats that no man had ever attempted or even dreamed of before.

In fact, Charles Lindbergh, Eddie Rickenbacker and the ace pilots of two world wars owe their careers in part to this brilliant young man who always gave his audiences “A Show They’ll Never Forget.”

Lincoln Beachey was known as "The Man Who Owns the Sky", and sometimes the "Master Birdman". Beachey was acknowledged even by his competitors as "The World's Greatest Aviator". He was "known by sight to hundreds of thousands and by name to the whole world."

194 pgs, softbound, 6 x 9, dozens of photos

Lincoln Beachey, The Man Who Owned the Sky

ISBN Number: 0-942087-12-7

Item Number: 244

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