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Stinson's Golden Age - Vol 1 & Vol 2
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Canard: A Revolution in Flight (Commemorative Edition)

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By: Andy Lennon with foreward by Burt Rutan

The only book ever published on canard airplanes. Tells how & why they were developed & evolved into some of the most fascinating and beautiful aircraft in history.
Canard: A Revolution in Flight (Commemorative Edition)

Section I: Canard Stall-Free Safety 1. Conventional Aircraft Stall 2. Canard Aircraft Stall Section II: Experimental Aircraft and the Development of the Canard 3. Canard and Tandem Wing Aircraft 4. Hybrid Aircraft 5. Water Canards and Hybrids Section III: Review of Modern Canard and Tandem Wing Aircraft 6. Fighter Canard 7. Light Civil Canards 8. The Rutan Amateur-Built Canards 9. Other Amateur-Built Canards 10. Ultralight and Very-Light Canards 11. Sailplane and Motorglide Canards 12 Human and Solar Powered Canards Section IV: Future Canard Developments 13. General Aviation Canards 14. Amateur-Built Canards 15. Fighter Aircraft Canards Appendix

PB. 198 pages. black and white sketches & photos

Canard: A Revolution in Flight (Commemorative Edition)

ISBN Number: 978 0938716884

Item Number: 2341

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