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Stinson's Golden Age - Vol 1 & Vol 2
$ 50.00

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Price: $18.50

By: Adam Makos

Tells the story of the U.S. Navy's most famous aviator duo - Lt. Tom Hudner and Ensign Jesse L Brown, and the Marines they fought to defend during the Korean War. Brown was the first Black aviator awarded pilot's wings & the first Black naval pilot to die in combat. A movie about Brown is currently in production

From the publisher: "While much of America remained divided by segregation, Tom Hudner and Jesse Brown joined forces as wingmen in Fighter Squadron 32. Devotion takes us soaring overhead with these bold young aviators and into the foxholes with the Marines as they battle a North Korean invasion. As the fury of the fighting escalates and the Marines are cornered at the Chosin Reservoir, Tom and Jesse fly, guns blazing, to try to save them. When one of the duo is shot down behind enemy lines, the other embarks on one of history's most audacious one-man rescue missions. An unforgettable story of bravery and selflessness."

PB. 445 pages. 5 X 8


ISBN Number: 978 0 8041 7660 6

Item Number: 2336

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