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Bombs Away! – The World War II Bombing Campaigns over Europe

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By: John R. Bruning

Bombs Away! – The World War II Bombing Campaigns over Europe

It started with a dream of avoiding the stalemate of the Great War. A generation of idealistic young men thought that glory awaited among the clouds, and strategic bombing, it was theorized, was the solution to attritional warfare. But when war returned and thousands of aircraft darkened the skies, ideals were overwhelmed by the need to defeat the evil of the Nazis. The war of attrition had just shifted to the air, to freezing, flak-filled missions with terrifyingly high casualty rates. Bombs rained down on Europe, sending civilians scurrying for shelter in blacked-out cities—or in broad daylight. Far above them an escalating battle of machines and tactics played out between bombers and fighter planes, their pilots and crews, until in the end the German war machine simply could not keep up. Bombs Away! covers strategic aerial bombardment in Europe between 1939 and 1945. In addition to the American (U.S. Army Air Forces) and British (RAF Bomber Command) aerial campaigns against Germany, the German use of strategic bombing during the conquest of Europe and the Battle of Britain is also covered. The fighters and bombers and the men who flew and maintained them are featured in hundreds of rare photographs, dozens of them in color, while the text follows the pilots and their commanders through the evolving air war from its primitive beginnings in World War I to the massive long-range campaigns that helped end the war in Europe. Reviews

"A gorgeous coffee-table book with 450 archival photographs, Bombs Away! documents strategic bombing from the perspective of both Allied and Luftwaffe air crews.

"Bombs Away! is an extensive, in-depth reference recommended for any military collection in general and libraries specializing in World War II events in particular. It covers strategic aerial bombardment in Europe between 1939 and 1945 and documents particular aerial campaigns against Germany and the German use of strategic bombing in Europe. Rare photos - many in color - pack a survey which considers the machines, flyers, and strategy involved, documenting the evolution of air war from its roots in World War I to the campaigns that were led across Europe.


"This comprehensive and gripping book details the birth of aerial warfare in World War I (Who called it the "war to end all wars?"), but concentrates mainly on the European bombing during World War II."


"In fourteen chapters, all supplemented with more than 450 images, the six years of the bombing campaigns are brought into sharp focus. This is a monumental work and it reflects exceptional historical reporting.


"One publishing company, Zenith Press, devotes itself to reporting the events of war and, especially, World War Two. Their latest, a large format—coffee table—book is Bombs Away! The World War II Bombing Campaigns Over Europe by John R. Bruning and it is extraordinary. While battles were being fought on the ground with tanks, troops, and artillery, it was the war from the skies that rendered the relentless destruction of cities and specific military targets. Both the Nazis and the allies developed air warfare to a point never previously achieved. Bruning is among a handful of great military historians and his earlier books on “The Battle of the Bulge”, “The Air Battle for Korea”, and others are testimony to that. Filled with page after page of photos, this latest chapter from World War Two will provide hours of great reading while paying tribute to those whom we have come to call “the greatest generation.”


"Covering the major campaigns, the strategies, the planes, and most of all, the people involved, “Bombs Away” uses superior prose, quotes, and stunning photographs to bring the story of the air war in Europe to life in a powerful and unforgettable way.


"The skies are empty now and the pilots and crews who fought these violent battles above the burning cities of Europe are mostly gone to their reward, knowing that they fought to defend freedom in their countries. I'm sure that when they had flown a few missions the romance of battle paled and they realized that their futures looked grim indeed. The ones who got home carried a lot of baggage with them as they do today. Only Hollywood could find this glamorous. The reality of war shouldn't fade from our memories as these brave people fought for our freedom and should never be forgotten. This book will help keep those memories alive.


"I am a WWII buff and collector. I collect memorabilia as well as books. And I found Bombs Away! to be a keeper! This is a wonderful keepsake that includes photographs and information on all air battles fought over Europe during WWII. It also includes some photos of WWI campaigns as well. The information comes from those who have been there; those who themselves fought in this war, and from various countries. Needless to say, I loved this book and it will be prominently displayed in my library."


300 pages, HB w/dust jacket, 11x 12 inches, B&W/Color Photos. Slight damage to dust jacket

Bombs Away! – The World War II Bombing Campaigns over Europe

ISBN Number: 9780760339909

Item Number: 1762

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