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Supersonic (Airliner) Non-Sense: A Case Study in Applied Market Research

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By: R.E.G. Davies

Supersonic (Airliner) Non-Sense: A Case Study in Applied Market Research

This small book is an argument from an airline / aircraft manufacturer market analyst saying that the market potential for any supersonic transport is essentially nil. His argument rests on several themes /assumptions, some of the most important of which are:

- The sonic boom is an intractable physics problem for any SST and thus operation on any overland route is not feasible.

- Due to the amortization of what would have to be massive development costs(and thus passed on as purchase costs to the airliners) coupled with massive increases in fuel costs to operate SST's, their ticket price would only be affordable for 1st class passengers and possibly some upper-end business class passengers, some ~3-4% of current traveler volume.

- The combination of increased aircraft productivity (an SST could potentially make two passenger carrying flights for everyone a subsonic airliner could in the same amount of time), with the small share of traveler volume that could afford tickets on the small number of routes that can be serviced (over water only flights, i.e. New York to London, vice. Los Angeles to London) means that the total market for 200-300 passenger SSTs at the time of his writing the book was about a couple dozen total.

88 pages, HB w/ dust jacket, 9.5 x 6.5 inches

Supersonic (Airliner) Non-Sense: A Case Study in Applied Market Research

ISBN Number: 1888962097

Item Number: 1757

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