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Stinson's Golden Age - Vol 1 & Vol 2
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On Glorious Wings: The Best Flying Stories of the Century

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By: Stephen Coonts

Since its invention in 1903, the airplane has become the dominant mode of transport, travel, and combat. It has brought the entire planet closer together and changed almost every aspect of how we live today. Along the way, the airplane has inspired writers in every decade of the twentieth century to celebrate this world changing creation. From the wild first years of aviation, when daredevil men challenged each other in races high above the ground and attempted to set altitude records, to the terrible three-dimensional landscape of combat in the air through all the wars of the twentieth century, authors from around the world have written of airplanes and the men and women who fly them. Now, bestselling author Stephen Coonts has collected some of the finest fiction about flying into one volume. On Glorious Wings contains stories and excerpts from world-renowned authors, including Dale Brown, Louis L'Amour, James Michener, Joseph Heller, Len Deighton, Frederick Forsyth, William Faulkner, Ralph Peters, and, of course Stephen Coonts. From the rickety wire and wood contraptions of the 1920s to the possible future of warfare in 2020, take to the skies with some of today's most acclaimed authors. With an introductions and story notes written by Coonts, On Glorious Wings is a must-have for any military buff or aviation enthusiast. The book will be published on the 100th anniversary of powered flight.
On Glorious Wings: The Best Flying Stories of the Century

464 pages, 9.3 x 6.3 x 1.5 inches, HB.

On Glorious Wings: The Best Flying Stories of the Century

ISBN Number: 9781422354896

Item Number: 1734

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