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Stinson's Golden Age - Vol 1 & Vol 2
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Famous First Flights That Changed History

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Price: $10.50

By: Lowell Thomas & Lowell Thomas, Jr.

Here are Bleriot, Byrd, Doolittle, Alcock, Brown, Smith, Lindbergh & others. Horror-filled spectators gasped as a little plane spun crazily, hopelessly out of control, toward the grassy meadow sixty-five feet below. Seconds later, the plane righted itself as it crashed to the soft turf. A jubilant Frenchman, Louis Bleriot, had good reason to be exhilarated. He had just completed man’s first long-distance flight over water. Bleriot’s twenty-two-mile flight startled the world in 1909. Sixteen history-making flights recount all the harrowing details. Includes the successes and the spectacular failures in vivid detail.
Famous First Flights That Changed History

360 pgs, SB, 6 x 9. Book is new and never been read. Cover in back has a slight ding at bottom and top left has a crunched place by the corner (it came that way from the publisher)/

Famous First Flights That Changed History

ISBN Number: 9781592285365

Item Number: 152

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