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Stinson's Golden Age - Vol 1 & Vol 2
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F6F Hellcat at War

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By: Cory Graff

The Grumman F6F Hellcat debuted with the Pacific Fleet in mid-1943 and over the next two years, proved to be the most successful fighter aircraft in naval history with more than 5,000 air-to-air kills in the Pacific, and the highest kill/loss ratio of any plane in American service during the war.

Its combination of easy handling and lethality allowed more than 300 of its pilots achieved

F6F Hellcat at War

Lavishly illustrated book offers a thrilling look at the Hellcat at war from its first action in September 1943, to its service with the British and the invasion of Southern France. Detailing the Hellcat's design and development, telling its pilots war stories, and tracing the aircraft's adventures through the end the war, book is a fitting tribute to a fighter plane whose performance remains unmatched in the annals of naval warfare.

“While there are quiet a few books that deal with the subject matter, few offer a balanced look at the aircraft from its pre-war development through its post-war service and still provide an interesting perspective to its development and operations through the war….a well-written book that will provide a unique look into some operational history and some interesting statistics of this historic symbol of American air power during World War Two. This title is highly recommended!”
--Cybermodeler Online

"F6F Hellcat at War is bound to get any naval aviation buff’s blood stirring. Over 100 photos, many in color, present the complete history of this legendary carrier-launched warbird from its initial design and development in the mid-1940s by Grumman Aircraft Corporation at its Long Island factory to its successful combat career in the Pacific…"
--WWII History

160 pages, 10.5 x 8.2, softbound, photos.

F6F Hellcat at War

ISBN Number: 9780760333068

Item Number: 1433

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