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Stinson's Golden Age - Vol 1 & Vol 2
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john monnett: from sonerai to sonex

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Price: $28.50

By: Jim Cunningham

This is the story of John Monnett -- kit plane designer, innovator, air racer, world record holder, EAA Hall of Famer -- and his many airplanes.

While pursuing his own aviation interests, Monnett inspired and enabled thousands of others to build and fly affordable aircraft. From the Sonerai, sketched at his kitchen table in 1964, to pioneering engine conversions, to the Sonex's simple construction methods, John Monnett is a flag-bearer for grassroots aviation.

john monnett: from sonerai to sonex

The book covers his early aviation designs and all of the airplanes he designed. His ingenuity and successes with simplifying airplane design has helped make owning an airplane affordable for decades.

Jim Cunningham, the author, has done a wonderful job of detailing the technical aspects of the airplanes in harmony with highlighting the efforts of many others who worked with Monnett, including his wife, Betty, and long-time friend and collaborator, Pete Buck.

The John Monnett book has over 300 photographs, illustrations and 3-views. There are 16 pages of color photographs.

john monnett: from sonerai to sonex
Book Contents

Chapter                                                                         Page

1          John Monnett’s Beginnings                                                        1
2          Designing and Building the Sonerai I                                          7
3          The Sonerai II                                                                          17
4          The Monerai                                                                             39
5          The Monex                                                                               53
6          The Moni                                                                                 61
7          From John’s Garage to Oshkosh                                               83
8          John Monnett’s Missing Years                                      109
9          The Sonex Family                                                                     113
10        The Xenos Motorglider                                                 127
11        Sonex Aircraft: Déjà vu All Over Again                         131

150 pages, softbound, 8.5 x 11, 333 b & w and color photos & illustrations. Book may have bent corner on cover..

john monnett: from sonerai to sonex

ISBN Number: 1-891118-50-0

Item Number: 1066

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