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Bizarre Tales from World War II

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Price: $11.95

By: William B. Breuer

Ernest Hemingway stalks U-boats. A Belgian woman halts the Panzers. Adolf Hitler plays Santa Claus. If you think these are tall tales, guess again. In this work popular author and distinguished historian William Breuer brings you more than 140 of the most bizarre, curious, and downright strange incidents from World War II.

Drawing from personal interviews, official archives, and declassified documents, Breuer presents little-known stories about the offbeat side of war. You\'ll discover how Venus de Milo fooled the Germans...watch as drone boats go berserk and a British \"mystery plane\" vanishes...listen as Navajo code-talkers ignite a panic...and learn how Dutch boys captured nine Germans, and a group of choirboys plotted to foil Hitler.

Bizarre Tales from World War II

6.5 x 9.5 220 pages, HB w/dust jacket, Index, over 40 b&w photos.

Bizarre Tales from World War II

ISBN Number: 9780785819929

Item Number: 2105

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