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101st Airborne in Vietnam: The 'Screaming Eagles'

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By: Michael Harpe and Simon Dunstan

After World War the first real action the 101s saw was in July 1965 when the 1st Brigade of the ‘Screaming Eagles’ was blooded in the Song Con Valley, Vietnam. It acted as a rapid reaction force, reinforcing American and South Vietnamese forces when necessary, becoming expert in rapid helicopter assaults. The 2nd and 3rd Brigades arrived in December 1967 in time to take part in the reaction to the North Vietnamese Tet Offensive. The 101st and 1st Calvary were sent in to recapture Hue in a battle that raged for three weeks and was the only extended urban combat of the war. Following Tet the 101st saw continuous combat including fighting on Hill937- ‘Hamburger Hill’ – which was some of the most brutal of the war. The last Army division to leave South Vietnam, the 101st spent almost seven years in combat.
101st Airborne in Vietnam: The 'Screaming Eagles'

96 pages, SB, B & W and Colored photos, 10 x 7in.

101st Airborne in Vietnam: The 'Screaming Eagles'

ISBN Number: 9780711030633

Item Number: 1820

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