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Stinson's Golden Age - Vol 1 & Vol 2
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Fokker D VII Aces of World War I, Part 2

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By: Norman Franks and Greg VanWyngarden

Befitting its status as Germanyís premier fighter unit, von Richthofenís JG I received the first examples of the D VII to reach the frontline in April 1918. The D VII was arguably the best all-round fighting scout of the Great War.
Fokker D VII Aces of World War I, Part 2

Book is the last of two regarding the Fokker D VII. The coverage is of arguably the best fighting scout put into the air by either side in World War 1.

Book covers Fokker D VII aces from the four elite Jagdgeschwadern of the German army, and this follow-on volume charts the story of the many aces who flew the famed fighter in other units committed to combat in the final months of World War 1. Fokker D VII operations covered the entire Western Front, from the North Sea to the Swiss border. In the latter half of 1918 the Fokker was not only the mainstay of the army Jagdstaffeln, but also the most potent fighter flown by home defense Kests and the pilots of the German navy in Flanders.

The Fokker D VII easily proved the equal of the many British, French, Belgian and American aircraft it met in combat, and served in such roles as day bomber interceptor, 'balloon buster' and nightfighter.

Though handicapped by a lack of fuel and other supplies as the German war machine fell apart, aces such as Sachsenberg, Degelow and Rumey utilized the D VII to rack up impressive scores against consistently superior odds.

Book is published as part of the "Aircraft of the Aces" series.

Fokker D VII book: 96 pgs, softbound, 7.25 x 9.75, photos, Part 2.

Fokker D VII Aces of World War I, Part 2

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Item Number: 176

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