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Stinson's Golden Age - Vol 1 & Vol 2
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Aviation - 20 Exciting Films DVDs

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Aviation: 20 Exciting Films � 6 DVDs - About 10 hours of aviation footage from the National Archives, from the first flights to the edge of space! The incredible journey of Aviation takes you from short flights across a field to the hypersonic edge of space as you tour dramatic moments in the history of flight in this six-DVD set. Begin with the Wright brothers in 1909 then follow a 1924 around-the-globe adventure by plane in Volume 1. American engi-neering takes center stage in Volume 2 and the training of future aviation support is profiled in Volume 3. Jump to shocking WWII footage of the famous and tragic raid on the Ploesti oil fields by B-24 Liberators in Volume 4. Feel the strain U.S. Air Force test pilots are subjected to in Volume 5. Strap in with Neil Arm-strong in Volume 6 as he scrapes the upper edge of the atmosphere in the 1950s and 1960s with the cut-ting edge XF and X-15 rocket planes.
Aviation - 20 Exciting Films  DVDs

6 DVDs, 10 hours, #1504, $39.99

Aviation - 20 Exciting Films DVDs

ISBN Number: 978-1-60077-354-9

Item Number: 1504

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