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Stinson's Golden Age - Vol 1 & Vol 2
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DVD: Air Battles of WWII

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World War II was the first major war that was fought in the air as much as it was fought on the ground. In this DVD we witness some of the decisive air battles that shaped the course of World War II: Battle of Brit-ain, Japanese Zeros versus the Hellcats and Corsairs at Battle of Midway, epic raid of RAF ―dam busters‖ on the Rhine dams, Eighth Air Force raid deep into Nazi territory against the Romanian oil fields in Ploesti, epic fighter battle for the island of Malta, and air battle that tipped the hand of victory in the clash between Soviet and German forces at Kursk. Rare archival footage and previously unavailable footage, DVD is a stunning tribute to the brave pilots. The Battle of Britain � Aerial Battles Over the South Coast � Midway � The Attack on the Japanese Fleet � Night Raids � The De Havilland Mosquito � Point Blank
DVD: Air Battles of WWII

DVD, 60 minutes, #1409, $12.95.

DVD: Air Battles of WWII

ISBN Number: 723721099862

Item Number: 1409

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